Dev Adhikari’s ‘Bagha Jatin’ to Hit Pan-India Theatres: New Look Revealed

Dev Adhikari, the popular Bengali actor, has taken to his social media platforms to share an exciting update with his fans. He revealed a new look as Bagha Jatin, the revolutionary activist of pre-independent India, for his upcoming film titled “Bagha Jatin.” This highly anticipated biopic is set to release in theaters on October 20 in both Bengali and Hindi languages.

Bagha Jatin
Bagha Jatin Poster

Dev Adhikari’s ‘Bagha Jatin’ to Hit Pan-India Theatres: New Look Revealed:

Dev Adhikari’s New Look as Bagha Jatin:

Dev Adhikari, known for his versatile performances, has once again captivated his audience with a stunning new look as Bagha Jatin. In the poster shared on his social media handles, he embodies the spirit of the revolutionary activist, exuding confidence and determination. The unveiling of this new look has created a buzz among fans eagerly awaiting the release of the film.

The Film’s Release and Language:

“Bagha Jatin” will mark its theatrical release on October 20, creating anticipation among cinephiles and fans of Dev Adhikari. What sets this film apart is its dual-language release, catering to both Bengali and Hindi-speaking audiences. This strategic move ensures that a wider range of viewers can experience the inspiring story of Bagha Jatin and his contributions to the freedom struggle.

Dev’s Teaser Campaign:

Dev Adhikari has been teasing his fans with glimpses of his various looks from the film through a well-planned teaser campaign. These glimpses have generated excitement and curiosity among the audience, building anticipation for the release. Dev’s commitment to his character and the film’s promotion showcases the dedication of the entire team behind “Bagha Jatin.”

The Immortal Story of Bagha Jatin:

Bagha Jatin, a revolutionary activist, holds a significant place in the history of India’s freedom struggle. His unwavering commitment to the cause and daring acts against British rule has made him a legendary figure. The film “Bagha Jatin” aims to bring his immortal story to the big screen, shedding light on his sacrifices and inspiring future generations with his bravery.

Durga Puja and Navratri Release:

The release of “Bagha Jatin” coincides with the auspicious occasions of Durga Puja and Navratri, adding a sense of cultural significance to the film’s premiere. Dev Adhikari, wrote in his social media post, “When rule and tyranny prevail, destruction is not far behind. And to put an end to these atrocities, we just need one brave savior.”
He also added, “We are going to present to you the immortal story of India’s son, Bagha Jatin, for the first time on the Big Screen! On the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja and Navratri, by far the biggest production from the house of Dev Entertainment Ventures, “Bagha Jatin” is arriving at the theatres.

Casting and Production:

The film “Bagha Jatin” is a production of Dev Entertainment Ventures, known for its commitment to delivering high-quality cinematic experiences. Directed by Arun Roy, the film features Dev Adhikari in the lead role of Bagha Jatin. The casting process for “Bagha Jatin” involved careful consideration to find the perfect actress to portray the character of Indubala, Bagha Jatin’s wife. After a series of auditions, Sreeja Dutta was chosen for the role. Check the below table for important cast and crew details of “Bagha Jatin.”

Role Name
Director Arun Roy
Producer Dev Entertainment
Lead Actor Dev Adhikari
Lead Actress Sreeja Dutta
Supporting Actress Sudipta Chakraborty
Music Director Nilayan Chatterjee
Cinematographer Gopi Bhagat
Editor Sanglap Bhowmik
Release Date 20th October, 2023
Languages Bengali, Hindi


“Bagha Jatin” promises to be a remarkable cinematic experience that pays tribute to the revolutionary activist Bagha Jatin and his invaluable contribution to India’s freedom struggle. Dev Adhikari’s portrayal of the titular character, combined with the film’s compelling narrative and high production value, sets the stage for an inspiring and thought-provoking experience. As the release date approaches, anticipation builds, and audiences eagerly await the opportunity to witness the immortal story of Bagha Jatin unfold on the big screen.


1. When is the release date for “Bagha Jatin”?

“Bagha Jatin” is set to release on October 20.

2. In which languages will the film be released?

The film will be released in both Bengali and Hindi languages.

3. Who is playing the role of Indubala in “Bagha Jatin”?

Sreeja Dutta has been selected to portray the character of Indubala in the film.

4. Is “Bagha Jatin” based on a true story?

Yes, “Bagha Jatin” is based on the life of the revolutionary activist Bagha Jatin, who played a significant role in India’s freedom struggle.

5. Where can I watch the trailer of “Bagha Jatin”?

To watch the trailer of “Bagha Jatin,” and its review stay tuned to for theater listings and updates.



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